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Easiwash is an industrial pressure washer system that quietly operates on 208 volt or 240 volt power and is mounted in an out-of-the way centralized location. The quiet yet powerful 5hp motor runs at less than 85 db which is quieter than most inside dishwashers. High pressure hose and control cable is routed to outside locations where a quick connect plate and control box is installed. Operators simply wheel the hose cart with 150’ of non-marking hose to the remote station, connect the lead hose and can clean with cold, warm, and soap at a single location with the touch of a button. No exhaust fumes, loud engine noises, hard to start gas engines, and dragging water hoses around the parking lot.

The easier you make it to clean, the more your employees will use it and the cleaner you business will be!

About Easiwash

Easiwash is permanently mounted in a centralized location with remote work stations customized for your type of business. Simply wheel the hose cart out and you have cold/warm/soap at your fingertips.View More

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