How Do You Clean Your Pool Area, Patio, or Entrance Without Disturbing Your Guests? It’s Easi ... With Easiwash!

Need to power wash the pool deck at 2:00 am or 6:00 am while there are no guests using the facilities? Need a quick clean up during the heart of check in at the front entrance? Fed up with the issues of using a portable pressure washer with the noise, dragging hoses, and health issues of oil, gas, and exhaust in an outside dinning area?

Easiwash Cleaning System Has The Answers!

The Easiwash Cleaning System provides industrial cleaning with efficient and quiet electrical power and is centrally located in an out-of-the way location. High pressure hose and control cable is routed to customized location for quick and easy cleaning at the touch of a finger. Simply roll the the hose cart out, use the quick connection, and you have cold, warm, and soap functions at any location on your property.

ETL certified for the utmost in employee and guest safety, the Easiwash System has made it easier for hotels and resorts to keep their facilities clean for over 15 years. Customers include the Marriott in Marco Island FL, Palmers Legends Golf Courses, and over 6 location in Walt Disney World.