Quick, Easy, and Quiet!

Easiwash at Home

Tired of lugging out that heavy, noisy portable pressure washer – dragging that water hose – and fighting the hard to start engine – just to spot clean the back patio? Now there is a better way! Easiwash is centrally located in an out-of-the way location with remote connections anywhere you want them. Simply connect and you have cold, warm, and soap cleaning functions at your fingertip. A variety of tips provide various pressure for high pressure washing the deck, sidewalk, and driveway, medium pressure to wash the car, and low pressure to wash delicate tile/grout surfaces or textured surfaces.

Runs On Clean, Efficient Electricity – No Worrying About Running Out Of Gas!

Great For Cleaning Machinery!

Quick connect and use warm water and soap for hard to clean grease and dirt on machinery. Install the unit in an out-of-the way location and clean livestock stalls with no motor noise at all! Control the pressure and spray with a variety of tips and accessories.