Easiwash Cleaning System Makes It Easy To Conveniently Clean And Sanitize Your Facilities And Equipment!

The centrally located easiwash system is installed in many government facilities, such as military bases, fire stations and municipal parks and buildings. With one single unit, multiple remotes and the water broom attachment, easiwash is the convenient solution.

Fire Stations

A variety of tips and accessories makes it easy to clean facilities and equipment at the touch of a button. Low pressure tips can be used on delicate decals and painted lettering, while high pressure rotary tips can clean the most stubborn oil and grease on floors. The telescoping wand helps get to hard to reach areas on tall machinery or buildings. Remote locations inside and out make connecting a breeze.

Ambulance Shed

The Easiwash Cleaning System can help clean and sanitize equipment quietly and quickly. Customized to your specific floorplan and cleaning needs for new construction and existing buildings.

Customers include:

  • Harris County Emergency Group – Houston TX
  • Nashville Metro Crime Lab – Nashville TN
  • Scott Airforce Base – Scott IL
  • Whiteman Airforce Base – Whiteman MO
  • Fort Orange Fire Protection District – Buckner, MO
  • Forest City Ambulance Service - Forest City, IA